Why Woowa is so Powerful?

Order Detail Notification after your Customer Checkout

Woowa will send an automatic reminder via WhatsApp to customers who have checkout but have not yet transferred

Reminder After x Days if Payment still not Completed

Woowa will send an automatic reminder to your customer's WhatsApp if they don't complete the payment

Order Completed Notification

Your Customers will get automatic notifications via WhatsApp immediately after their payment is confirmed

Order Cancelled Recovery

Your buyer who cancels the order will get a notification that aims to keep them purchasing (giving special discounts, coupons, etc.)

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Buyers who leave the shopping cart without checkout will get an automatic reminder if after few days they still not checkout

Send Shipping Receipt

You can send shipping receipt information to WhatsApp's customers through woocommerce admin or order notes

Monitor Sent Message via Log Menu

The website owner gets a log information to detect the reason for the success/failed message

Message Customization & Personalization

Message templates can be customized according to your store's language style & their identity using shortcode like [name], [email], [product], etc

Attach a picture/file to the notification

Attach a picture/file to the notification, it can be a coupon code, product image, and whatever you want.

Now your Customer Services are FREE From Very EXHAUSTING Manual Follow-Up Routines !

Why do large companies turn to WhatsApp's Notifications & Reminder ??

The following statistics are the main reasons :

WhatsApp becomes Social Media with the Highest Response Rate in the WORLD, which is almost 60% of messages replied <1 minute

Text Messaging is still an unbeatable Social Media in Open Rate Aspect

Chat application still has a Highest Click Rate which goes far beyond e-mail and even FB Ads

The category of Social Media which have the highest CTR compared to Email and other media

Chat applications with the highest “stories” activity in the WORLD

Chat application with the most active users in the WORLD

Social Media with the most active users per month in the WORLD and still growing

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  • After Checkout Notifications
  • Order Reminder Notifications
  • Order Completed Notifications
  • Cancelled Order Recovery Notifications
  • Send Shipping Receipt​
  • Abandoned Cart Reminder (coming soon)
  • Scheduled Message (coming soon)
  • Custom Form WordPress (Caldera, Elementor, etc)
  • Priority Support
  • API Documentation
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Next Integrations

Woocommerce (Completed)

Order Notifications and Automatic WhatsApp Reminder to your Woocommerce's Customers are Ready

HTML, PHP, SQL (Completed)

Woowa already integrated to your custom website or web apps (Html, Php, Css, Js, SQL, etc)

Elementor (Completed)

Woowa already integrated to Elementor Page Builder especially Form/Contact Widget

Caldera Forms (Completed)

Woowa already integrated with Caldera Forms

Berdu.id (Completed)

Woowa will be integrated with Berdu.id environment

Orderonline.id (Completed)

Woowa will be integrated with Orderonline.id environment

Ngorder.id (Coming Soon)

Woowa will be integrated with Ngorder.id environment

Shopify (Coming Soon)

Woowa will be integrated to Shopify Platform and Apps

Easy Digital Downloads (Coming Soon)

Woowa will be integrated to Easy Digital Downloads Environment

Google Contact (Coming Soon)

Woowa will be able to automatically save your customer's contacts directly to your smartphone or database

SMS Gateway (Coming Soon)

Woowa will be integrated to SMS Gateway



Woowa is a Woocommerce add-on /extension which functions are sending order detail & automatic reminder notifications to your customer’s Instant Messaging.

For Non Programmer, after you install the Woowa Plugin on your WordPress or activate Woowa on integrated platform, every time a customer orders on your woocommerce website or an y platform integrated, Woowa will automatically send messages (and or images) to IM customers about order details,

not only that, Woowa can also send automatic reminder messages if after many days the customer has not yet completed the payment with a message template that you set yourself.

For programmers or those who have an IT team, you can use Woowa for any purpose you want through our OPEN API at api.woo-wa.com with no additional cost.

Woowa will use your custom or personal number/s

Woowa’s procedure is to automate your Instant Messaging on our server, so if you have already scanned Instant Messaging’s qr code on the woowa server, you cannot use it simultaneously on the Instant Messaging in your own personal computer

No, we are a separated company which only automates your normal Instant Messaging applications to send messages without have to typing manually by your Owner / Customer Service

No you’re not ! This service is not intended to do SPAM / send random messages that are not desired by the recipient (Unsolicited Message).

As a Instant Messaging normal rule for sending Instant Messaging messages to people who have not saved your contact yet, then the risk is still exist if in a sufficient number of customers either intentionally / accidentally click ‘spam’ or ‘report’ in the message that you send, even though the possibilities are very small especially if you use Instant Messaging for Business,

This risk is further reduced by giving you the option to include a checklist on your store’s checkout page which asking for approval to send order details to their Instant Messaging account.

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